Welcome Chevy Cruze Enthusiast!

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Welcome Chevy Cruze Enthusiast! Empty Welcome Chevy Cruze Enthusiast!

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:36 am

This is the first and official Chevrolet Cruze car club in the Philippines. Thank you for choosing to join us. As proud owners of this magnificent vehicle, we shall be united as one.

Please register to gain access to the forum and take into consideration the following rules:

1) No Text Language Please! Lets leave that to our cellphone messages.

2) Pictures in Signatures are allowed, but pls. keep it to a considerable size. Don't use pictures that will fill up half of the screen. (512x128 would do)

3) Stay on Topic! Off topic posts that are found on technical discussions or the like will automatically be deleted. Off topic posts are ONLY allowed on chat areas. But please, do keep it to a minimum.

4) Spamming is prohibited. Posting one word replies and smileys are not allowed.

5) No posting of False information, vulgar, harassing or insulting materials. Keep your ideas clean. Respect one another.

First Time Violators shall be warned thru Private Messages.
Second Violations shall result to a public warning.

Thank you for your time and once again, welcome!

Chevrolet Cruze, Get used to more!


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